Space, Cost, Reliability and Cleanliness – What Are We Looking For When Buying a New Car?

As the government scrappage scheme really begins to pick up some pace, it seems that despite the recession we are still eager to invest in a new car but are taking more time over the purchase decision. So as we trawl the internet for customer opinions and wander round showrooms under the watchful eyes of Joop! wearing U2 fans what are we really thinking about before we make that all important decision?

As we might expect, when you look at sites offering car reviews price is the determining factor for UK drivers when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Of course this concept is not drastically new, but in terms of first hand vehicles, the notion of affordability has never been more important for manufacturers. This has obviously been reflected in the steady success of the Labour scrappage scheme incentive which sees those who want to buy certain brands of new car being able to benefit from £1,000 from the manufacturer and the same amount from the government.

Whilst we are most inclined to choose a new car that is kinder to the wallet when bought, a recent survey has also found that economy and reliability are also buzz words amongst new car buyers. Again, I acknowledge we have always wanted good mileage, but the idea of reliability related brand loyalty is something that seems to be increasing amongst buyers as we can’t afford to “move up”. Of those asked, one in five drivers claimed to have bought their cars because they trusted the car manufacturer.

As much as we are cutting down on the cost of our new cars, we are also cutting down on the size of them. In a report about the scrappage scheme smaller cars such as the Fiat Punto are proving more popular than ever, whilst Volvo has introduced extra deals that can bring the price of a new vehicle down by nearly £6,000 in total. Similarly, Alfa Romeo’s MiTo hatchback with the scrappage scheme now means that a new Alfa is available for under £9,000.

As opposed to style and flashiness, a clean car is certainly something at least the manufacturers are anticipating will make us part with our credit-crunched cash. Being greener has become the additional perk that the government hope will help the scrappage scheme into our hearts and manufacturers are trying to develop cleaner vehicles. The most recent Vauxhall Corsa ecoFLEX is the cleanest car in their history with a CO2 rating of 105g/km – and yes, it is available on the scrappage scheme at around £9,000.