Convertibles in Ads – An Overview

Over the years convertibles have carved out a niche for themselves. This is one category of car that has an appeal to all segments especially the youth though it sure has many takers for those who perpetually think they are still young at heart. It is this target audience that the advertisers have tried to tap to put forth their products piggy backing on the images of convertible.

Advertisers have always have had this soft corner for the convertibles ever since their popularity grew in the 50’s and 60’s. Though convertibles have always been categorised as a luxury accessory which has a client list spanning many Hollywood stars and presidents. In fact a convertible car has always been synonymous with luxury and power which is further helped by its part enclosed and part open giving all the celebs and men in power to be accessible in public gaze while still giving them a personal space.

It is absolutely exhilarating imagining oneself on the back of the wheel of an open top convertible, and this is the image that every youth and young at heart identifies with and this is what sells as per advertisers. However sometimes the advertisers do try too hard by pushing in their products piggy backing the high end convertible featured in the ad which of course have had disastrous results but all said and done a convertible does makes its presence felt in an advertisement and hence not surprisingly a hit with the advertisers.

While the advertisers have always tried to create an aura when it comes to showcasing a convertible, how many ads have you seen which have always featured a complete shot of the convertible depicted in the ad, though the car may be nowhere near the product which the ad is endorsing. Convertibles have always been synonymous with romance in the movies and it’s but natural that ads being a progression of movies, they are depicted in the same manner. Today’s convertible are not just known for their traffic stopping looks but for lot of features that it comes loaded with and the image of a convertible getting its top down at the touch of a button do set many a pulse racing and that’s the emotion that advertisers have always tried to tap.

The advertisers of course have taken cue from this while depicting the convertibles in their advertisements from soft drinks to hair gels. These have been a part of them all. As can be seen that no matter what the product, the convertible of course do come out with an identity of its own. But beyond all this the reason that the advertisers use the convertibles as a part of their campaign is that they do grab enough eye balls driving home the point and add to that they are a celebs in their own right minus the starry tantrums thereby making them the perfect props.