Your Auto Accident Lawyer Needs Your Help

Even the best auto accident lawyer can’t win your case or help you reach a reasonable settlement if you don’t help them. In order to get results, you need to be ready to present your case with as much information and pertinent facts as possible. Here are some ways to help your legal professional handle your case smoothly.

After the accident, if you and the other parties are able, it is important to exchange insurance and personal information. Write down information about any cars involved in the accident as well including color, make, model, year, and the license plate number. If there are witnesses, get their personal information as well. Their testimonies can be the most valuable evidence in the case. Call the police to the scene and have a report taken, then be sure to get a copy as soon as it becomes available. If you carry a camera with you, or even have a camera phone, use it to take pictures of any damages as well as the scene.

Once you get home, you will want to write down as many details as you can remember, no matter how trivial. The weather, people around, landmarks of the area, and even the color of nearby cars can all be important. Small details can give your case more credibility, which is why it is important not to wait to record the incident. If you wait until you speak with a legal professional you may forget or make mistakes, which can later be used against you in a court testimony. If you don’t remember something clearly, write down what you can and be honest. Your auto accident lawyer will help you work through anything you can’t recall after reviewing the case.

If you are having trouble explaining or remembering parts of the incident, reconstructing the scene with either props or a drawing can help you and your auto accident lawyer fill in gaps or answer questions. Draw out a map on a flat surface complete with street names and major landmarks, than use some props for the cars. By visualizing the incident you can better construct the case and build your arguments. You may even be asked to do something similar if your case does go to trial.

Keep all documents organized and handy, ready to give to your auto accident lawyer if requested. This includes photos, police reports, and phone numbers of witnesses or other parties involved. If you are taken to the hospital, keep all medical reports, as these will be important to your case as well.

Above all else, the most important thing to do is to listen to your auto accident lawyer. The sooner you hire one the better as their purpose is to help you as best as they can. Refrain from speaking to police, insurance agents, and other parties without first consulting with your attorney. It is especially important to avoid having a conversation taped or recorded without your legal representative present or without his or her consent. You don’t want to incriminate yourself or risk losing compensation.