Which Dump Truck Does Each Job Need?

When looking for a great dump truck, a novice buyer would be amazed to discover that there are so many choices of vehicles at hand, including: standard rigid frame, articulated, transfer, super-dumps, etc. They are also known by different names, such as tipper, tipper lorry or tip truck and primary usage is for transporting heavy loads of various materials. Dirt, sand, asphalt, gravel and construction debris can be hauled – pretty much anything under the sun up to what specifications and features allow.


Knowing the different types of dump trucks can greatly help buyers have an overview of what is available. Each type has its own specifications, functions and capabilities.

  • Standard – This is also called a rigid frame and typically has a truck chassis on a frame that is mounted onto an open-box bed which can be operated hydraulically. This open-box bed has a tailgate controlled from inside the cab; when the vehicle arrives at the job site, it can be unlocked and the payload safely released. The standard type usually consists of one front axle and one or more rear axles. The “centipede” is the largest of this type and has seven axles.
  • Articulated – In this category are trucks with a distinct cab and payload box permanently attached to each other with a hinge. One of the special features of these units is the driving configuration which unlike the common one has a steering mechanism with a hydraulic drive. This is an advantage to the operator as it can be easily maneuvered over rough terrain.
  • Transfer – This vehicle consists of a standard dump truck plus an aggregate container commonly called “Box B.” There can be two or three aggregate containers which usually have smaller wheels. This version is generally powered by a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric line from the PTO mounted on the tractor.
  • Super-dumps – This is a huge piece of machinery with anywhere from four to seven axles and the capacity to haul up to 32 tons, which is particularly useful for concrete and asphalt paving applications.


It is important to purchase the right equipment to meet company needs. Getting a super size dump bed may be a waste of money if it will not function well over rough terrain. Research should be done before deciding which vehicle is the right business choice. Since dump trucks are unlike any other equipment and may function differently from one region to another, it is wise to conduct research or inquire about which type of vehicle will work best in a particular location. Determine the allowable requirements for weight and length where the machine will be operated and purchase a vehicle that can carry a maximum payload. By doing this, it will be possible to find an efficient machine without compromising any weight laws that are imposed in a particular region.


Dealers know the equipment being sold and can help a company determine the type of dump truck needed for jobs that will be performed. The information provided above will hopefully be very useful in distinguishing different specifications and functions and help make the best choice of dump trucks to fit any particular needs!