What if I Don’t Wax My Car?

As a former auto detailer in my younger days, I would often ask customers if they would like to have their car detailed and waxed. The customers generally would ask me; why? Or what will happen if I don’t wax my car? Interestingly enough the answer to that question has changed over the years, that’s because automotive paints have also changed. Today’s modern automobile finishes are quite amazing, and they have clear coats which are coatings on top of the paint to keep them shiny and looking like new.

Unfortunately, if the clear coat is damaged in any way, it will no longer protect the paint, and if you don’t wax it then it will eventually deteriorate, and there will be nothing protecting your car’s finish. Once this happens things can move from bad to worse very quickly and your car paint will fade, and it could peel, crack, or even chip away from small pebbles, road debris, or even a carwash using a pressure washing system.

If you don’t wax your car, your clear coat will get tiny scratches in it. Bird dropping and water spots might damage your paint job and eventually your car’s value will be diminished, as it will not hold a shine, and cannot be detailed to look new again. Now then, what do I recommend? Well, I recommend a good clear coat sealer wax, and then a good hard-shell paste wax on top of that. Am I suggesting two coats of wax or more? Yes exactly.

In fact, for my best customers I used to put several coats of clear coat wax, or sealer wax on first. Then several more coats of a good strong carnauba wax which would be long-lasting. The Carnauba wax would last about a month or so, but with extra coats it would last longer. And the sealer wax underneath would last about that long as well. Therefore, a good multi coat waxing always did the trick for me.

It didn’t matter if it was in Arizona in the hot summer sun, or in colder climates such as Montana. Multiple coats of wax put on in this fashion seemed to do the trick. I have been told by some car owners that the dealership told them they don’t have to ever wax the car, don’t believe it. Even the very best finishes on Lexus’ and Mercedes’ still need a solid coat of wax, and a good sealer coat. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.