Used Cars – Restoration

As a car fanatic, one of the most fulfilling ventures has to be car restoration. Nothing brings you closer to your vehicle than the time spent working on a car restoration job. Although this can be quite an expensive hobby, if cars are your passion then a project like this can be extremely rewarding.

First thing you want to consider is work space. Do you have a garage or shed large enough? Will this need to be purchased also? Is there a garage space you can rent or use free of charge? You will need a space that can comfortably house your vehicle as well as offer space for additional parts and tools.

As with my other post on buying new or used cars, when first starting a car restoration project it is important to consider and set a budget. This should include whether you are going to be fixing up you current car or if you are going to buy a used car? If buying a used car you should look for a model that doesn’t require too much inner attention. An old Porsche may be appealing but if it’s going to cost close to the price of a new car to get it up and running, this isn’t going to be a sensible move.

Also investigate the car’s interior, as this can be what makes an old or used car bounce back to life. Make a list of anything that requires attention, any fixtures that are missing or need fixed. Prioritise your list, putting thought into what really needs purchased and what can be fixed or attended to with minimal costs.

Once you have your lists of repairs and purchases, research costs. This can be easily done online and will help you to calculate and maintain your budget. Simply put down the cost of each item on your list and make note of which dealer or site you so the price. This will help you when you come to source all your parts.

With your work space, vehicle and your plan of action (parts lists) set, you should now be ready to start your project. You should always start with major jobs first. Hopefully you have purchased a car that require minimal major tasks, but any issues with engine, brakes, gears and tyres should be tackled first. This is simply due to the fact that these will be the most expensive and time-consuming. However it is these mechanical jobs that are usually the most fun, allowing you to get acquainted with the workings of your new car, allowing you to learn about the inner workings. If you are not confident enough to tackle these jobs by yourself, seek help or get a professional mechanic to complete this step for you.

Once the car is running to a high level you can get to work, personalising your vehicle. This includes paint jobs, alloys, exhausts and interior features. Try to be tasteful, the most attractive vehicles are those that haven’t been over personalised, a mistake often made by boy racers!

Finally, an important rule is to take your time. Car restoration can be a fantastic hobby, and a very time-consuming one, often taking years to complete. You should enjoy your new project and look forward to working on it. This time and love will show in the end result and will last a lifetime.

Through car restoration it is easy for one to transform old or used cars into high quality, reliable and stunning vehicles. Car restoration is a true venture that all car enthusiasts should experience, heightening your respect and bringing you closer to your beloved cars.