Truck and Car GPS Tracking

New miniature GPS technology has made GPS Tracking available to just about anyone. Many people are interested in vehicle or car GPS tracking. Fleet vehicle managers are saving there respective companies thousands of dollars each day with this new technology. In addition private citizens are also using the technology to keep track of there family members and their valuable assets. The cost of a GPS auto tracker has dropped over the last year. However the new smaller portable or personalized units are still relatively expensive.

There are two technologies to choose from when looking to purchase a GPS tracking device. The older logger unit is not only less expensive to purchase but it does not rely on an expensive subscription with a GPS tracking company. These devices are placed in the target vehicle during the period that you want to track then retrieved. The unit then is attached to a personal computer where the tracking information is downloaded into the logger’s software package for viewing. Logger GPS tracking devices have the ability to be very small and discreet. The major drawback of a using a logger is that all the information is relatively stale or historic in nature. Never the less they are very effective vehicle or car GPS tracking devices.

Real time GPS tracking devices just as their name implies provide tracking information that is relatively current in nature. These GPS tracking devices are larger than loggers due to the fact that they must have a transmitter to upload the tracking information to a GPS tracking service provider. The most common method of uploading the vehicle or car GPS tracking data is through existing cell phone technology. The service company will make a query of the GPS auto tracker on a predetermined time frequency and then display it on their website. These tracking service providers charge you a month fee for this service. The more frequently they download the GPS information to their website for your use the more expensive the service becomes. The current standard for tracking updates is about 5 minutes between tracking updates. In many cases you can save a lot of money by selecting longer periods between downloads.

Real time GPS devices are relatively more expensive when compared to loggers. The smallest portable units can cost as much as $1200.00 while standard vehicle or car tracking devices that are permanently installed can cost less than $300.00. It should be remembered that a quality unit is will be more expensive but it will also be more dependable over time. Delivery and fleet vehicles by their nature are not always easy on electronic systems. In other words when it comes to purchasing a GPS auto tracker cheaper is not always better.