The Pre-Sale Ticket Strategy for Car Wash Fundraisers

If you are considering a carwash fundraiser then it makes sense to sell presale tickets prior to the event. Since 80{76488d7beee9342520d1e29c32b364734fa095d7f8789716ce59b51776a6898b} of the people who buy presale carwash tickets never come to the event itself, it makes sense to sell as many tickets as possible.

It also makes sense to not worry so much about what the ticket price is such as five dollars, because if no one will come to the carwash who buys a ticket anyway then you want to price your carwash tickets at a price everyone will buy them. Perhaps three dollars or four dollars might be better.

When considering your pre-sale carwash ticket fundraiser strategy it is important to make booklets of tickets and either staple them together or bind them together and number them. This way you can tell which tickets have been sold and keep a running track of how many tickets are out there and how much money you have collected. Accounting for presale tickets is a major important part of a carwash fundraiser.

There are many places to sell pre-sale carwash tickets. If your carwash fundraiser is for a kids group then perhaps you can coax some of the parents into taking a booklet or two to work. Selling in front of grocery stores works to a limited degree and it makes sense to sell in neighborhoods door-to-door, but realize that you do not want the same kids going to the same neighborhoods and therefore you might have to assign areas. Perhaps you might consider all this in 2006.