The New Ford Fiesta – A Bold New Look For the Automotive Legend

Every once in a while a car is released that creates a stir, or catches the public’s imagination in a way that no other car has for a long time. It can be because of the way a car performs, it can be the way it looks, or it can just be the badge on the front. Sometimes, however, it’s a combination of all of these factors. This can’t be said about many cars, but it can be said about the Brand New Ford Fiesta.

The Brand New Fiesta was released to critical and public acclaim, winning major awards before it had even hit the forecourts, which suggests either a great deal of expensive marketing buzz or the car genuinely is great. I personally suspect a little from both, but it remains that this is a car genuinely worth getting excited about.

The first thing that is striking about the new Ford Fiesta is obviously the redesigned bodywork. The Ford Fiesta has undergone many cosmetic changes over its lifespan but none as seemingly drastic as the most recent. The bubble-esque body of the 90’s gave way to the rather understated looks of the last generation Fiesta. These in turn have been dispensed with and have made way for a sleek, sporty design that looks considerably more mature than any of the previous offerings.

The engines stay relatively similar to the previous generation; the standard model is a 1.25 Litre petrol and the range goes up to a 1.6 120PS SIGMA TiVCT. The Fiesta’s bodywork has been made lighter so these engines certainly feel a bit more excitable in the newcomer. Obviously, if you are purchasing a Ford Fiesta your budget is hardly going to be astronomical, but the 1.25 suffices perfectly well and is competitively priced.

How does the New Ford Fiesta compare with the current crop of hot hatchbacks on the market then? Obvious comparisons are going to be drawn with the Volkswagen Polo/Golf, Vauxhall Corsa and the current head-turner, the Fiat 500. The new Ford Fiesta surpasses all of its competitors in the looks department and has a slim advantage over the similarly priced Corsas in terms of performance.

The interior is also relatively capacious for a supermini and you should be able to fit 4 adults in without too many dislocated limbs. However, I wouldn’t recommend any long journeys as you will begin to hear moaning, groaning and complaints of cramp from the back. That said, if you were looking for a passenger car, you would probably be more interested in the Fusion or the Focus.

The performance of the new Ford Fiesta is a tale of two sides; as mentioned the engines are perfectly tuned for the Fiesta’s size, but that’s not where my concerns lie. For me, the handling is slightly too light and it’s quietly disconcerting to not feel as though you have complete control over the vehicle. I would put this down to the general cost and quality of superminis, that is if I wasn’t aware that the Vauxhall Corsa handles so well.

In summary the Ford Fiesta is a triumph; succeeding in achieving what all manufacturers of superminis are constantly striving for: making their car feel more expensive than it is. If you are in the market for a new smalls car and you are on a budget, then there is absolutely no alternative that ticks quite as many of the desirable boxes as the Ford Fiesta. My personal recommendation would be the Zetec 1.4 Petrol model as this finds the right balance between power and weight. However, whatever model of the new Ford Fiesta you invest in, disappointment won’t be an issue.