The Best Cheap Sports Car

The Honda brand is synonymous with a kind of inevitable popularity. Most car reviewers bemoan the fact that your average Honda car is populated by a toothless harridan who was probably learning to drive when the Model T Ford was first released. A reputation for being associated with the elderly have left Honda a bit baffled on how to successfully market their current vehicles to a younger audience. One way to bypass the drudgery of demographics is to release are car so blisteringly quick that anyone over the age of 30 is going to have trouble reacting fast enough to control it. I’m sure it was with great pride that Honda revealed the new Honda S2000.

I myself am quite Au fiat with the realms of the affordable sports car; having been a devout Mazda MX-5 fan for the best part of 5 years. I was sufficiently impressed with my first glimpse of the Honda S2000 to put my MX-5 keys in the drawer and leave them there for a while. In terms of looks; the S2000 is immense. The 6 speed transmission belonging to the Honda S2000 immediately makes a mockery of the Mazda MX-5’s shifting choice. So often with the Mazda, I have found myself struggling to put it into 3rd, thanks to the tiny controls. The Honda has no such problem and the smooth but assured gear changes are all easily transferred to.

But don’t take my plaudits at face value; the Honda S2000 [] was voted Best Affordable Sports Car 2008 by US News & World Report, which is an excellent accolade to have earned. I can staunchly attest to this magnificence, as I found the driving experience of the S2000 to be smooth, quick and extremely exciting. If you are looking for an affordable sports car and fancy something a little more macho than the Mazda MX-5, then the Honda S2000 could be the car for you.