The Advantages of Adding Bug Deflectors to the Front of Your Car or Truck

Bug Deflectors – now here’s an after-market add-on that’s been around for decades. Your grandfather probably had one mounted at the front of the hood on his Ford or his Pickup! It was very likely sunglasses green. It looked like the old accountant’s visor, with the green lightshade! As dorky as those mini caps looked on Joe Beancounter, the green bug shield looked equally dorky on the cars back then. I have to admit, as a kid, I never figured that they really did anything. Except look dumb. You certainly never saw them on the front of a Vette, Mustang, Charger, GTO, or T-Bird!!!

As time has marched on, I have learned that the aerodynamics created by a good bug shield WILL keep those pesky insects and little sticks and stones away from your hood and windshield. They are actually deflected up and over the roof of the car. Now that IS pretty cool. They have also improved on the appearance of these guys too, so that they blend in much better with the front end of the vehicle.

They are now made for specific vehicle makes and models, so they fit and look better. You can get low-profile, hood-length, wrap-around, and custom-molded deflectors, depending on your particular preference and style. They are available in chrome, stainless, black and smoke primarily, and can be made from steel, acrylics, ABS plastics, and composite materials. Again, the key is to allow you to decide what you think looks best on your ride.

I for one, believe that in time, the auto manufacturers will figure out a way to build a bug deflection system into the front grille / hood section of the cars, matching the color of the vehicle. It could easily provide the aerodynamic protection, increase strength and rigidity, and further improve their appearance! Give them a little time, and they’ll catch up. They always do!!

Until then, you can find bug guards, bug shields, or bug deflectors at a number of web stores that specialize in these products. They really are a good investment and I know your windshield and hood will thank you for it!!