Selling Used Cars: How to Optimize the Remarketing Process

Efficient remarketing is more than selling used cars at the best price

We all know that a successful remarketing strategy involves selling used cars at the right time, with the right mileage at the best price. The better the condition the used vehicles are in, with as little damage as possible, the chances of making a good deal on it. Because, the state the end-of-contract company cars are in, has a direct impact on the real second-hand sales value.

To be able to speak of a successful remarketing process, though, a few more boxes need to be ticked. Process efficiency and transparency, for example, are vital parts of trading used cars.

Transparency is a key factor to selling used vehicles

Transparency is, for most used car traders, an important part of all levels of the remarketing process. It is important to avoid disappointment on both sides: buyers and sellers.

Giving detailed damage information with car descriptions is an important step in increasing transparency for buyers. Clear pictures of all damages on the used vehicle, reported on the car detail page, help build trust. It is important to that car dealers and traders know exactly what they are buying. When there are no nasty surprises after a purchase, a buyer is more likely to be satisfied and buy again. As always, it is that kind of long-term relationship anyone in is business should be looking for!

Successful supply chain management

All vehicle traders appreciate an optimized supply chain. Why? Because it saves time and money and stress. Remarketing professionals agree that efficient handling and efficient logistic processes are absolute conditions in satisfying customers.

Sell used vehicles to the right market

Not every market in the world is the same. The same used car can have a different value on different markets. That is why used car prices need to be adapted not only to a vehicle’s condition but also to market and economic development and the interest of the buyer. So fleet managers shouldn’t expect to get the same price for the same vehicle on every market.

Smart car traders use these different expectations and values to their advantage. By working with a partner with an international presence, for example. That way used car sellers have the opportunity to get the best price on the best market, while used car buyers are able to make great deals in countries where prices are lower. For example, countries like Spain and Greece are currently bang in the middle of an economic crisis. As a result, used cars aren’t selling well on the local markets. So now is the chance for buyers to find Greek or Spanish vehicles at really interesting prices.