Sales Employment – Top 10 Sales Employment Opportunities

Today, sales is one of the most popular careers. Lots of people are getting attracted to this profession. The reason behind it is that it is a very lucrative career. Take a look at the top 10 sales employment opportunities.

The top 10 sales employment opportunities are:

• Pharmaceuticals sales: Many people seek out employment in this branch of sales. Want to know why is it so popular? It allows you to earn a lot of money, it establishes growth opportunity, and you are allowed to use the company’s car any time you want to. This is considered to a prestigious job as you get to interact with many doctors. You get a handsome salary in your pharmaceutical sales career.

• Software sales: This career is a bye product of the advancements in IT. You can become a software sales person by selling some of the popular software sales products.

• Real estate: This is one of the most lucrative sales jobs. This is a field which you can enter easily. You must take a course in the state recognized real estate class and you have to pass an examination before you enter this profession. On the entry level, you have to get into a company selling real estate.

• Retirement planning: There is a lot of demand for retirement planning from the people. Hence the growth in this type of sales career. In order to be successful in this career, you must be good with numbers and you must have love for the work and love for the people for whom you are working.

• Financial management: Rich people hire financial planners to plan their growth in property. Financial planners hold degrees from state recognized colleges and are specialists in planning finances.

• Medical device sales: This career is quite similar to pharmaceutical sales. Doctors buy equipment from companies. So the companies send their representatives to the doctors where they are required to demonstrate the equipments and sell them to the doctors.

• Car sales: This career, as the name suggests refers to selling cars. This is a highly sought after career in the present times.

• Energy sales: Companies harness energy from unregulated areas and employ sales people to sell them.

• Military sales: You may have to sell products over a wide range when you are in this profession. The products can be anything that is required and used by the military. Starting from clothes it can be missiles, guns anything.

• Petroleum sales: There is heavy demand for this career. Your job is to negotiate with retail centers and arrive at a specific location and then sell the products.

A tip:

Which ever stream of sales u choose, if you want to establish a successful sales career and earn a lot of money in this profession, you must always establish good networking. Connect with professionals in this field. Networking, if done properly, will take you a long way.