Run Your Car on Water Hoax

About 3 months ago I got completely burned by a run your car on water hoax. The internet is flooded with them now – it seems there is a new product coming on every week. I know which one’s actually work and which one’s are total scams – you need to be careful before you purchase.

I am just your average Joe. I work a 9-5 sales job, and am always on the road. My gas bill is pretty huge – I spend at least $100 per week.

A while back a buddy of mine told me that he was going to try to convert his car to run on water. I though he was out of his mind. But I was really curious. So I jumped on Google and did some searching for ‘run your car on water’ and ‘hydrogen powered car’ etc. I couldn’t believe the results that came up. There were a whole bunch of product available which would do exactly as my buddy was saying.

So I decided to invest in the most genuine looking run your car on water product. I paid them money and downloaded the ebook. I was instantly disappointed. The quality of the eBook was really lacking – it was just a blueprint of how to assemble the system. The instructions were impossible to read, and very basic. I immediately applied for a refund, but never got a response from the product owner. It was a total hoax!

I was furious but determined to find a product which would work. So I did some more research online. I joined a few auto forums, and came across some guys who were demonstrating their run your car on water converted cars online. It was really impressive. They passed on the details of the product that they had used to successfully convert their car to run on water.

Today I use this exact system on my car. I am saving about $40 per week on gasoline costs and my MPG has increased by about 50{76488d7beee9342520d1e29c32b364734fa095d7f8789716ce59b51776a6898b}.