Range Rover Information

The Range Rover was introduced in 1970 and was an instant success. The simple design was resistant, practical and of high performance compared to the previous models. The aluminum body paneled off-roader quickly paved its way to become the leading four wheel drive off roader.

Powered by the 3.5 litre V8 Rover light alloy unit, the first released is commonly now referred to as the “Classic Range Rover” and shared the same engine unit as in the Morgan +8. Although built with the capabilities of high performance on off road terrain, the off roader remained a luxury car which really created a whole new market for itself with four wheel drive luxury off road vehicles. After eleven years in production the vehicle was released with a 5 door option, with previous models only available as three door.

The interior of the car was improved, with also notable changes to the body and the introduction of a BMW 2.5 litre engine in the Mark II. The Mark II was introduced with a series of limited edition exclusive models, all to mark the 25th anniversary of the Range Rover. Continued triumphant sales of the off roader saw the luxury off roader being exported to America, with previous models only made available as grey imports. Sales and the popularity of the car continued.

The exclusivity and luxury image of the car was enhanced with the new variations of the off roader in 2003. The Range Rover Vogue was introduced as the top of the range model. The RR Sport saw the Range Rover appeal to the high end market, with the car being road based, although the Sport had not lost its ancestors roots and could still handle itself off road well. With an ever increasing four wheel drive off road market, the car has very fruitful sales and continues to be the market leader.