Potential Information on International Car Shipping to Nigeria and Ghana

Nigeria and Ghana are the part of African continent and it is indeed one of the best international trade centers in the world offering active international shipping solutions to the individuals as well as the import and export companies. The international automobile shipping to Ghana and Nigeria is indeed a professional and well organized activity which is performed by the professional cargo and freight transfer companies. In order to secure safe transfer of your car or for that matter any vehicle to Ghana or Nigeria, it becomes very important to look into the real time details of international car shipping company. If you are not seriously looking into the details of the services being offered by the international car shipping company, at the end, you will have to bear the brunt and which indeed would be a great source of trouble.

Therefore, for all good reasons, you should give top priority to the international automobile shipping company and based on it would lead your way through successful international shipping venture. Like always, the international car shipping to Ghana and Nigeria will require adherence to international shipping norms. Following the international automobile shipping norms would help in smooth transfer of car. Furthermore, you also need to show your interest in port to port transfer, or door to port transfer or door to door transfers. The prices charged by cargo and freight Transport Company will indeed depend upon types of car transfer service which you intend to hire.

Car Shipping to Nigeria

Car Shipping to Nigeria would require the owner to show to the customs officials the proof that car is for owner’s personal use and it is not meant for and kind of resale or other disposal purposes. Make sure that when you are auto shipping to Nigeria, your car should not been 8 years old as car models which are over 8 years old are prohibited entry to Nigeria international port. Some of the prominent documents which are required for automobile shipping to Nigeria include proof of ownership, Certificate of Road Worthiness, Certificate of Road Worthiness, Insurance papers etc. It is also important that the automobile shipping document should bear Make, model and serial number of car clearly. It would be a great idea to discuss the protocols of auto shipping to Nigeria with your automobile shipping company and get reliable information on it.

Car Shipping to Ghana

Automobile shipping to Ghana is also a complex activity which will require you to follow through the details by hiring the international automobile shipping company. If you are automobile shipping to Ghana, your car should not be over 5 years old, and if it is more than 5 years old, you need to pay graduated penalty as per the manufacturing year. Ghana allows only left hand drive cars. You also need to show original purchase invoice, besides Customs Form C.12/SAD. It is responsibly of the car owner to discuss norms of international car shipping to Ghana in detail. Do not be in a hurry ship your car to Ghana as this would bring troubles for you.