New Car Sales Tips and Tricks

Being a car salesman is no easy job, you have quotas that you need to meet every week or every month depending on where you work and your level in the company. You are also under constant pressure to make a sale and chances are that you’re no stranger to people who just seem to be wasting your time.

Throughout this article we’re going to discuss some of the basic yet important techniques that every car salesman should know. Even if you’re a veteran car salesman, it’s easy to overlook these car sales tips, so make sure to read on…

Look the Part

One of the most important things when it comes to being a successful car salesman is that you need to look the part. People buy from people they like – that’s just simple sales psychology. If you look the part, smell the part, and act the part, you have a much greater chance of making that sale that you so desperately need!

Make sure that you don’t overlook your appearance, instead take it into consideration every morning. Try to keep your appearance conservative so that you can appeal to all potential buyers who walk into your lot, but also add a touch of personality to show you’re a real person!

Know Your Product

Another important one of the car sales tips is the aspect of making a good amount of sales from knowing a lot about your product – people like to buy from experts, so it would behoove of you to learn as much as you possibly can about all the cars you have available for sale.

Think about how a potential buyer would feel if they asked you a question about a particular car, and you didn’t know the answer to that question – do you think that would make the person more or less likely to buy from you?

Try to Close the Sale There but Don’t Act Desperate

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is accepting an “I’ll get back to you” from the potential buyer. When a person says this, they are extremely unlikely to actually get back to you, no matter how positive they may seem when they take your business card. And that’s why you need car sales tips.

With that being said, always try to close the sale there and then, but also make sure you’re not acting desperate. Potential buyers can sense desperation from a mile away and smart buyers will use this to their advantage to knock the price down as much as possible.

Offer a Good Deal

Buyers always like to think that they’re getting a good deal, this applies to every product whether it be cars, clothes, or furniture. Always try to make it seem as if the buyer is getting a great deal – you might want to talk about how this car has just came into your hands a few days ago and the last car you had like this was picked up almost instantly and was $1000 more expensive!