Information on Cell Phones and Automobile Accidents

It has been the belief of many that if talking on a cell phone while driving were against the law the problem of cell phones causing many accidents would be solved. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case, a recent study showed that even the drivers who utilized a hands-free device got in just as many auto accidents as those who held their cell phone while talking and driving. It seems that it is actually the “talking” that is the distraction that causes auto accidents not the holding of the phone. What a surprise. Statistics have shown that it really doesn’t make a difference whether you’re holding your cell phone or not, if you’re talking you’re putting not only yourself at risk but you’re putting your passengers and the lives of other drivers and pedestrians in danger.

Therefore, any “talking” on your cell phone should be avoided all together. If you need to respond to an important call or you need to make an important call you should find the safest place to pull over and then make the call. Your other option would be to wait until you get where you’re going. A safe driver needs to concentrate totally when driving and they should not do any type of multi-tasking. People just don’t realize that they’re driving a very dangerous piece of equipment and they should put their total concentration into this task. If they don’t, they could cause a very serious accident, not only injuring other people but sometimes killing them. Is a conversation on your phone worth a person’s life?

There are other forms of distractions just as dangerous as talking on your cell phone such as talking to your passengers, eating or drinking, changing channels on your radio, picking up your children’s toys they drop on the floor, etc. These all result in unsafe driving and should also be avoided along with using your cell phone. If you are driving a car your primary thoughts and actions should be to drive your car as safely as possible at all times. There is no reason good enough to explain using your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel of your car. You should not engage in any other activity no matter how short it is, nothing should distract you from your primary objective which is to get where you’re going in a safe manner. Driving a car is a big responsibility and should be taken seriously.