Finding Your Auto Parts in a Junk Yard

The stereotypical image of a junk yard, complete with smashed cars piled sky high and a couple of ferocious dogs couldn`t be further from the truth these days. It`s not necessary to dig through jumbled, twisted metal just to find the auto parts that you need. The modern junk yards are far easier to navigate.

Organization is vital for any business and mechanics get this. Using computers, every car model that is brought in is carefully cataloged and stored. The catalog is then stored on the computer and can be checked for the appropriate car parts as needed.

Why Use Junk Yards

Recent models of American cars and some of the more popular foreign brands shouldn`t have any problems with getting parts when needed. However, if you own an older model or a vehicle that simply isn`t as common, then it could be both expensive and take up to several months to get the needed parts in. For many older vehicles, parts simply aren`t made any more and if you are going to be restoring or replacing anything, you`ll need to look at wrecked or abandoned cars of the same type.

Junk yards tend to sell their parts for cheaper than you would pay to import a new one. Often, if you`re willing to get your hands dirty, there is even more of a discount. All you need to do is bring in your tools and take the pieces that you need yourself. Depending on the vehicle you could end up being able to replace a vital part of your car without paying much at all.

How to Find Auto Parts

With the new online catalogs available for most junk yards, it`s not necessary to traipse through yard after yard, searching for the perfect match to your vehicle. Now you can actually take a look online and find out just where that elusive quarter panel or master cylinder is before you head out looking for it. In some cases, you may even be able to order it online and have the part shipped right to you.

If you do look for your auto parts online, you`ll find that there are sites available that compile all results for junk yards across the country or in your state, making it extremely easy to pick and choose and to see whether or not there are matching vehicles in any given area. Rather than looking at each individual junk yard website, you can simply scan the online catalogs via one of these sites.

Even for those who prefer to hit the junk yards themselves it`s far easier. The office will have an inventory catalog, so you don`t even have to wander around outside, just ask if they can check the make and model of the vehicle you need. If they do have it, chances are you`ll be able to just head in and get the parts you need. Some junk yards require the use of special equipment that only they have on hand, so you may need to rent it. Otherwise, plan to bring your own air compressor and air tools, just in case.

Junk yards are the ideal place to find other cars like your own, no matter what the brand or age of your vehicle. When you can`t find a part through regular means, then it`s time to look into the option of using parts that are cannibalized from another, wrecked cars.

When it comes to auto parts, you know that anything rare is going to be difficult to get, as well as expensive. To save time, money and increase the chances of finding what you`re looking for, junk yards are perfect.