Finding Quality Paper Route Jobs For 14 Year Olds

Once upon a time everyone’s paper was delivered by a young kid. Paper routes were the first job you could get. All you needed to deliver papers was a bicycle and a few hours of free time in the morning.

These days, paper delivery is handled by private contractors who hire their own delivery people, usually older folks with cars looking for additional income. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a paper route job for your teenager, it just means that finding the job will take a different approach.

Why A Paper Route?

Paper routes are perfect training jobs for kids about to enter high school. The responsibility of a paper route is a great test of their maturity and they can earn their own money for dates or to save for their first car or for college. A paper route is a simple job that won’t interfere too much with summertime activities like driver’s ed or summer classes or camps.

Finding a Paper Delivery Job

Contact your local paper to find out how they handle their paper delivery service. Most likely they’ll point you toward the name of the person who hires people to do paper delivery for the neighborhood you live in, or a nearby neighborhood.

Talk to the person in charge of the paper jobs and explain what you’re doing. They may be hesitant at first to hire a young person for a job delivering papers, but if you explain your purpose in giving them the job, they may be willing to parcel out a small neighborhood route. Mention that they only need to pay minimum wage and their ears should perk up.

Convincing Your Kid

They don’t make 14 year olds like they used to. Explain to your kid why you want them to have this job, emphasizing that they’ll have their own money. You may want to throw in something to sweeten the pot, like if they complete a summer’s worth of paper delivery, you’ll reward them with a trip to a favorite spot or a little bit of money towards buying their first car.

Finding neighborhood paper delivery jobs for 14 year olds isn’t as easy as it used to be, but the benefits of the job are the same as always. The kid gets out of the house a few hours in the morning, they earn their own money, and they learn the responsibilities of having a job.