Different Varieties of LED Vehicle Lights

Vehicle lighting primarily illuminates the area around them and increases visibility. Emergency vehicle lighting needs to go beyond this and so they need to be energy-efficient and multifunctional lights to accomplish this. LED bulbs is the right answer to emergency lights as they have the capacity to burn longer without getting heated up. They are available in a multitude of shades and a number of different sizes. The flexibility of LED vehicle lights is an important trait that makes the job of the emergency response teams easier.

Every emergency vehicle is different in size, and has different requirements according to the duty it is assigned to do. Cop cars, fire trucks, ambulances, construction trucks and towing trucks are emergency vehicles that are most commonly used for most of the emergency situations. Since each of them is different, they will need emergency LED vehicle lights that are customized to that particular vehicle. The most common LED light that can be used with most of the emergency vehicles is the strobe lighting. Strobe lights are small enough to store when not needed, and can be mounted within minutes. It can also be built into something bigger using the strobe light kits, and can be mounted permanently onto the on the roofs of the vehicles. They can also be used as hand-held lights, when the situation calls for it. They are the basic lighting that every emergency vehicle must have at least as a backup option.

Lightbars are very sophisticated LED vehicle lights that can be attached to the roofs of the vehicles for maximum visibility. Lightbars can be pre-programmed to blink in a number of patterns, which can aid in directing the traffic away from emergency zones. Flashing lights immediately attract attention of everyone on the road, which is very necessary to convey the emergency situation to everyone on the roads. Lightbars can also be configured into fully fledged traffic advisers and they can be turned on with a simple click of the switch. Mini lightbars are portable, but large lightbars are fixed permanently to the roofs of the vehicles.

Dash lights are another kind of LED vehicle lights which can be very useful in illuminating the emergency areas and highlighting the emergency vehicles when they are parked. They can effectively be used as tail lights, which are mounted on the rear of vehicles. This can help in avoiding danger of other vehicles crashing into the parked emergency vehicles. Also, it enables illumination of area all around the vehicle, which is necessary for better surveillance. Dash lights can also be stored inside the personal vehicles of security personnel and emergency response team volunteers. They are easy enough to mount and dismount as needed which is perfect for personal vehicles. Dash lights can also be used as hand-held lights when on foot surveillance in poor lighting conditions. They can act as traffic advisers when they are manually used by security personnel to direct the oncoming traffic. Licensed vendors can give a great deal and warranty on emergency lighting systems, to ensure their longevity and quality.