Coming out of Asia and Conquering the World

Looking for a quality car but short on the dough? You might want to consider buying a Kia.

The South Korean car manufacturer is now one of the fastest selling car brands in the market today. Why? It is because of Kia vehicles being priced lower than their competitors. Plus, Kia offers a 10 year/10000 miles warranty program, so even after a long time, Kia will take care of your precious car.

You can be sure of its quality make, as one million Kias in the United States cab attest. These cars with sophisticated Kia parts are affordably priced than the competition, engaging many buyers to experience Kia first hand. Owning a Kia is a practical one, Kias are reasonably better in giving you your hard earned money’s worth.

Kia started out as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycles in 1944. After being known as Kyungsung Precision Industry for eight years, Kia changed its company name to the one it is known today (which was also the name of the first bicycle they have produced: Kia). Kia expanded and started producing cars, trucks and motorcycles. Kia’s first motorcycle rolled out of its factories in 1961 and by 1962, the K360, Korea’s first locally manufactured truck, came out.

Cars came out much later in 1974, with the Kia Brisa, which came after the production of their gasoline engine a year earlier. In 1986, Kia and Ford built a partnership that made several Mazda spinoffs for both domestic and international sales. Models include the Pride (taking after the Mazda 121) and the Avella (sold in North America and Australasia as Ford Festiva and Aspire).

The name Kia, according to the company is derived from the Hanja ki, which means “arise or come out of”, with the a representing Asia. The company’s roughly translates into coming out of Asia. Which indeed Kia did.

By 1992, Kia Motors America was set up and incorporated in the United States. In 1993, Kia began exporting and selling vehicles to the States, with the Spehia as the first car to be sold. It was followed by the Sportage a few years later.

Kia’s business plan of starting out in a region, then expanding out to another region after it becomes successful proved to be highly successful and was considered as a model in entering the tough US market. In less then ten years, Kia had grown to be a significant player in the automotive industry because of their strong sales figures.

But when the Asian Financial Crisis hit it in 1997, Kia started losing money. It was bailed out of it financial woes due to its acquisition by its biggest rival, the Hyundai Motor Company. Kia became a subsidiary of the Hyundai Automotive Group.

After its acquisition by Hyundai, Kia continued its worldwide operations. Today, more and more Kias are rolling out of dealerships nationwide, due to its low prices and excellent warranty program. Kia have gained a strong following with its car models: Kia Sedona, Sorento, Sportage, Amanti, Optima, Spectra, Spectra 5, Rio and Rio Cinco.

After a decade since its coming out of Asia, Kia has gained a cult following among budget conscious consumers. As it continues to move forward, we could be sure that Kia would continue to deliver affordable but quality vehicles.