Chevy Bolt Unveiled

Chevrolet unveiled a super cool version of the Chevy Bolt EV at the Consumers Electronic show this year, and from all looks, it promises to be a great little option for the green crowd and the car sharing crowd that is growing in popularity in several cities around the world.

The new Bolt will create excitement in the electric vehicle world with its many new and different features it will bring with it, starting with its 200 mile per charge range. No more worrying about weekend trips and whether or not you are close enough to an outlet to avoid getting stranded. Most people will be able to drive 3-5 days on a single charge.

The next bit of good news is the price. Chevy will offer the Bolt to consumers for less than $30,000 once all government rebates are factored into the price. This alone will make the Bolt appealing to a much broader audience than previous EV’s that have been out there.

Another new feature is a rear view camera that actually looks like the old rear view mirror. There is a live feed that is fed to a screen that is built into what looks just like the rear view mirrors of most current vehicles.

One feature that will really get a lot of buzz is the fact that GM has now included a gamification feature built into the Bolt. You will be able to compete with other Bolt owners to see who is the greenest of them all. Details are yet to come.

Anyway you look at it, it appears that the new Bolt is going to be very appealing, and affordable to the green crowd that up until now, maybe could not afford a new EV. The car is scheduled to go into production by the end of 2016.