Certified Used Car Difference

Many people across the nation are not only choosing to purchase used cars, but certified used cars. This seems to be because prices are more attractive rather than brand new vehicles. Wise shoppers are starting to figure out that you can buy more car for less money and get something that looks, feels and even has the benefits of being new without just coming off the assembly line.

The certification process that these types of cars undergo removes the fear one might have from just outright purchasing a used vehicle. There are a number of steps that a car has to go through in order to meat the high standards of “certified used” car.

These cars first appeared on the scene after manufactures had great tabs on the car through leasing. These leased vehicles were turned in at the end of the lease, having been cared for through the dealership and therefore having a track able record as to any and all work done to the car. Over time, dealerships have come to realize that they need to make more of their used car selection appealing to the buyers market. So now, when a car is traded in, the dealership evaluates its condition and from that can decide whether or not to send it through certification.

There are some guidelines as to what these cars have to offer, which varies from type to type. They must meet a certain age requirement, the mileage must meet certain criteria and then it must pass a serious of test, basically giving the car a major look over to insure there is nothing wrong with it. So, if you are looking to save a little money on your next vehicle, it might be well worth the time looking into a certified used car.