Car Scratch Remover – What is the Difference Between Rubbing Compound and Polish?

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Have you wondered what the difference between what is referred to a rubbing compound verses a polish? A rubbing compound is a somewhat dated term for a product that contains very aggressive ingredients that if not used correctly can sometime do more damage to your paint than you started out with. This is not a product that professionals in paint refinishing typically use every day.

Professional products with a an aggressive abrasive content are designed for removing heavy 1200 grit scratches fast, usually with a rotary machine and a wool bonnet, something that only the most seasoned professionals know how to use with precision. They also require several more steps with different products to achieve a restored finish.

In modern terms an aggressive product used to renew badly oxidized paint or for what is known in the detail world as a paint correction would be referred to as a cutting compound. It typically is designed for machine application and is serious business. It is just the first step in multiple steps to achieve a restored finish on a paint finish in very poor condition. This type of process is not necessary on most cars where the paint is in good condition and there are only isolated scratches in the clear coat.

In the last 5-10 years car scratch remover technology has come a long way and now there are advanced polishes that are not only gentle on paint but deliver extraordinary results in removing various types of scratches from isolated scratches to swirls sometime called spider swirls. They are so efficient that they can be used by hand or by machine with great results from either with less work than in the good old days. The truly professional advance polishes utilize something called nano technology. Without getting into the nitty gritty, pun intended, they progressively breakdown as they are applied and the action removes the deeper scratches initially and then progressively begins to fine polish the initial work. They are absolutely amazing to use!

The new generation of high end professional polishes intended for car scratch remover is generally only available through professional sources. They tend to be expensive and only sold in large volumes to the trade. On the other hand they are very easy to use and very efficient.

If you are in search of a product to remove clear coat scratches or enhance a touch up paint repair you have done look for a product or system that has professional formulas and accessories designed for consumer use. The system should come with video tutorials and an easy to follow quick start guide.

Most of all any home car scratch remover system should offer great product support and a money back guarantee. Click the link below to get a free report on how to solve all of your car scratch removal problems once and for all.