A Custom Car Audio Box is a Good Opportunity to Add Your Personal Touch

A custom car audio box is necessary in a vehicle to protect the system and to provide a good clean space. You can have boxes for speakers and subwoofers. For the subwoofers there are very many types of box enclosures and they include a sealed enclosure. Here, the subwoofer is completely sealed in a box while isolated from the rear and front woofers. The advantages of this custom car audio box is that they need less space and they are easy to assemble. But, they have a low bass and less efficiency because they require more amplifier power. Ported or vented enclosures are more efficient but, their design is more complex than the sealed enclosures and they are much larger, requiring more space.

The more complex boxes are the reflex pass band enclosures and they are designed to bring more efficiency to the system. Another advantage is that they have a filtering characteristic which enhances its function. Some of its disadvantages are that is is very complex and very large. It also has decreased frequency power and a decreased power handling capacity. When building your own custom car audio box you must refer to the manufacturer to be given the right information about suitable boxes. If boxes are not compatible with the system, the sound will be of poor quality and sometimes one can ruin the functions of the system. You can find easy steps on the various sites to follow while building your own custom car audio box.

Firstly, your box must be very rigid and preferably made out of fiberglass. It might be difficult to work with fiberglass especially because you need some layers since you want it to be firm. Gluing and sealing all joints will make sure that your subwoofer makes the right noise. Leave your glue for at least 24 hours for it to cure well. You need screws to hold the screw joints together and they need to be as firm as possible. A box for each subwoofer may not be always common but it can be necessary. This is just in case one subwoofer collapses, if you have only one box for two, the noises can get out of control. You can get the steps to build ports from your manuals. Follow each step carefully so that you can achieve your desired results.

When you are done bracing, it is good to put a damping material inside the box to increase the efficiency of the subwoofer. While on the finishing touches, you will need to apply paint and do not forget to use primer under the paint. A carpet or padding will be necessary as well as applying adhesive to box and carpet. The volume of a box should be calculated properly and if you need additional help, there are sites that provide that information and more. When you are done, it is time to test the box and if it is okay, you should be pleased with the results of your custom car audio box. Depending on the make of your car and subwoofer, you can view the various processes on the internet and other sources. It can be enjoyable making these boxes and it is a good opportunity to add your personal touch.