5 Easy Steps To Starting A Real Life Internet Marketing Networking Association Group Meeting

Starting a Real Life Internet Marketing Networking Association Group Meeting is not only a great way to really kick your start your Internet Marketing Career, it is also fairly easy to do if you follow a few simple steps to set it up properly. The thought of starting a group can probably appear to be a daunting task to someone who has never started a group. Questions like ‘where do I find people to come to the meeting?” and “where do I hold a meeting?” can seem like difficult decisions. But they don’t have to be. Here are some simple tips to help you start a Real Life Internet Marketing Network Association Group Meeting.

1.) Choose a Location. This should definitely be a local that is a FREE WiFi hotspot. Your members will want to bring their laptops and get online to go along with your topic of conversation for the meeting.

2.) Choose a day. Whether it’s the first Tuesday of the month, or every Wednesday, you must choose what is good for you and will allow you to always make sure you are there. Because you are the head of the group, your presence is a necessity. As your group builds, you may be able to recruit another member to take your place in the event that you have something pressing to do or an emergency, but for the most part you should be at every meeting. So choose the day and time that works for YOU.

3.) Register your group at [http://www.rtima.com]. This site offers a comprehensive list of every Real Life Internet Marketing Group Association. The list is small right now, as these groups are few and far between, so the sooner you start yours and announce it on rtima, the sooner you will have the chance to jump start your Internet Marketing career.
The rtima website will post your group meeting on the web for you, and collect all of your members contact information for you and store it in a database so that any time you need to contact your members en masse, you just send one email to rtima and they do the rest.

4.) Have a discussion plan for every meeting. This weeks/months meeting will be about “SEO” or “Website design,’ “copywriting,’ ‘article submission’, ‘ftp’, etc. This will keep your group focused and on topic for a portion of the meeting and will let your members feel that they have accomplished something or learned something from every meeting and this will keep them coming back for more.

5.) Plan for a certain amount of open discussion time where your members can network and brainstorm. This is where the socialization and power of the mastermind come together to form some of the most exciting new ideas to prevail. Make sure that you include this time for every meeting and your group will be successful.

Real Life Internet Marketing Networking Groups can be a powerful addition to an Internet Marketers arsenal of tools. Meetings can give a sense of socialization, camaraderie and team work to Internet Marketers. The meeting schedule of topics allow members to receive ‘training’ from one another that they would otherwise have to pay for, self teach through courses, or have someone try to talk them through in emails or instant message. Real Life Networking Group Meetings allow people to watch and learn, do and learn and still have local teammates to call upon if the forget a step or get stuck and need that person right there to show them. It’s very powerful to have a friend you can call on the phone who can meet you for coffee and show it to you one more time.