2EZ Custom Wheel Polish – A Product Review

Have you ever noticed that the front wheels of many cars and trucks on the road appear dirtier than the back wheels. This is caused by the accumulation of brake dust from brake pads that bombard the wheel and bake into the finish. Over time if not maintained all wheels become dirty and dull. If left on the wheel, corrosion sets in and will eventually destroy your wheels appearance.

We use 2EZ polish on our 1957 Chevrolet with American Racing “Hopster” custom aluminum wheels. 2EZ polish is a polish that works great on aluminum custom wheels, diamond plate surfaces such as storage boxes and running boards. It also works well on stainless trim, chrome, brass, copper, silver and gold. It is truly an all metal polish. 2EZ Polish contains quality polymers to protect and help retard oxidation while leaving a beautiful weather resistant shine.

The best way to take care of wheels without damaging their protective finish is by frequently washing them with a mild detergent or car wash solution such as Mothers California Gold Car Wash. To avoid water spots dry thoroughly. Then apply 2EZ Polish for that long lasting shine!

Apply 2EZ polish with a terry cloth towel to a small area. Rub by hand until towel turns black and the wheel surface feels smooth. Then buff with a clean dry terry cloth towel. For follow up care use only a mild detergent. Dry completely after washing. Avoid harsh cleansers, cleaners with acid and tire dressing on your custom aluminum wheels. If you use 2EZ regularly, your wheels will become conditioned and polishing become so much easier.