1971 Corvette Stingray Rare Engine Options

The 1971 Corvette Stingray came with several engine options that could be added to the $5,496 base coupe price. Total production numbers were pretty thin in 1971, with a total of 7,121 convertibles and 14,680 coupes.

One of the rarest, and most desirable options, is the LS6 454ci, 425hp engine, which added $1,221 to the base price. There were only 188 of these rare Corvettes made in 1971. I can only imagine price must have been the issue, as this was a highly desirable, high horsepower big block. The LS6 454 was conservatively rated at 425 horsepower, but I bet with the right tuning and some bolt on aftermarket parts 550 horsepower would not be difficult to attain. Can you imagine how much fun that car would have been?

I would love to take off the T-Tops and hit the streets with this Saturday night special! I have always loved the big block Corvettes, as they seem to symbolize the ultimate in American sports cars. Simply say the words “big block Corvette” to an automotive enthusiast, and watch their eyes light up. These cars have always been coveted among collectors and enthusiasts. However, with today’s gas prices, I can see why this car would be less desirable as a daily driver, as it almost undoubtedly boasted high single digit or low double digit gas mileage ratings. In the early part of the 1970s, gas was cheap, so that was not an issue at the time, and there were few emissions controls, so this car would have been king of the streets.

By the mid-70’s, the gas crunch and emissions issues would squash any further development of these types of cars. I wonder if this was only available via special order, or if they were available on the dealership lots? I was not alive in 1971, so I don’t really know, and cannot find any data to support either side. I do know that with only 188 of them made, this is quite a rare and desirable option for any Corvette collector.

I would love to see one of these in person, or see photos of the build sheet or data plate. I wonder how many of the ultra rare cars exist today, and how many people own them without realizing how rare they are? I would love to have one of these big block monster Corvettes!

That’s all I have today!